About Catfarm Music

Catfarm Music is a musical multi-purpose creative hub based in Stockholm, Sweden, run by songwriter ,musician and producer Fredrik ”Figge” Boström. Catfarm Music’s main focus is to write and produce good music together with other creative musicians, writers and producers and have a good time while doing it.

With about 30 years of professional experience , ranging from playing the bass with as diverse artists as Yngwie Malmsteen and Ace of Base  to making tailormade jingle packages for most of Swedens Radio channels to writing and producing theme songs for TV-shows.

From writing songs for and producing Swedish popstar Danny Saucedo to German superstar Helene Fischer and Japans no1 boy band Arashi , we are confident that we can live up to any expectations and help you in the process of making your visions come alive.

Our team

Here is the team working in the studio and who gave Catfarm its name. Unfortunately the cats are no longer with us but their memory is honored here. However, the Unicorn is still alive and kickin’.

GodisLead Purr'er
The UnicornMagician

More About Catfarm Music

Awards & Certificates

Figge Boström has been awarded numerous Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards and certificates of physical record releases with songs written or co-written by him. The awards are mostly from Japan but also from Korea, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.


Figge has worked with almost everyone in the swedish music business, in one way or another. As a musician, music producer or songwriter. He´s been touring with Ace of Bace in South America and Meja (All bout the Money) in Japan. All over Scandinvia with Swedish artists like Eva Dahlgren, Jennifer Brown and Orup. In television shows and festivals, at stadiums and concerthalls.

Piano Artist Mgmt

Catfarm Music manage piano artists and publish and release Piano recordings under the labels Catfish Records and Anonymous Nephew. We represent Ana Olgica , Samuel Lindon, Bela Nemeth, Evelyn Stein , Martin Fox, Joszef Gatysik, Julius Aston, Max Swan, Sub-City Keys, Cadet de l’espace, Tomasz Kraal, Koral Banko and many more.